Resources for Making Sense of Trauma

Trauma Information
*Child Development & Trauma Guide
NCTSN – A Guide for Child Welfare Staff
NCTSN – A Guide for Resource Parents
NCTSN – A Guide for Parents
Complex Trauma- Facts for Caregivers
Flashback Protocol
How Does Psychological Trauma Affect the Body and the Brain
Parents Can Help
Parenting after trauma
Family Trauma Fact Sheet for Providers
Brief Information on Childhood Grief and Traumatic Grief
The Courage to Remember Childhood Traumatic Grief Curriculum Guide
What to do when more bad things happen- Psychological First Aid
When and how to seek therapy

Trauma Informed Schools
*Creating Supporting Sustaining Trauma informed Schools a Systems Framework
Why Schools Need To Be Trauma Informed
Creating an Emotionally Safe Classroom
Trauma informed Flexible Learning
Helping Traumatized Children Learn
Helping Traumatized Children Learn 2
Making Space for Learning
Bibliography of Resources for Schools to be Trauma-Informed

Trauma and Development for Schools
Preschool – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
Elementary School – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
High School – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
Middle School – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
Child Development & Trauma Guide
The Meaning of Safe
Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators
Psychological First Aid for Students and Teachers

Self Regulation for Schools
Schools as Self- Reg Havens
Self- Reg in Schools and Communities
Calmer Classrooms
Window of Tolerance
Working with the Window of Tolerance in the Classroom
Sensory & Movement Activities In the Classroom

For Educators
Self Care for Educators
Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure
10 Things About Childhood Trauma Every Teacher Needs To Know
Understanding Stress Behaviour
Websites for Educators