Resources for Making Sense of Trauma

** Handouts for the Webinar

Webinar Guide
Directions for accessing the MSOT Webinar
Webinar PowerPoint notes Jan 2018
**Helpful Websites
Recommended Readings

Workshop Handouts
**Trauma Flowchart
**Window of Tolerance
**Sensory Motor Checklist for Adults
Activities for Self Regulation
**Child Development and Trauma Guide
**5 4 3 2 1 Relaxation Technique
**Flashback Protocol
How to Talk to Children about Freeze, Flight, and Fight
**Overview of Tools

Big Feelings Come and Go – A Story Book for Kids
Order a copy of the book
Free Posters – Freeze, Flight, Fight and Feeling Safe & Settled
Free PDF of the book – Freeze, Flight, Fight and Feeling Safe & Settled

Trauma Informed Practice
**Trauma-Informed Care and Practice
**SAMHSA TI Overview
What is trauma-informed care
Traditional vs Trauma informed language
Supervision Tool

Videos of the Freeze, Flight, Fight and Feeling Safe & Settled posters
Brains: Journey to Resilience – A video
Why do we lose control of our emotions
Just Breathe
Big Bird’s Comfy Cozy Nest

Self Regulation & Development
**What Is Self Regulation
**Self Regulation
**Activities for Self Regulation
Food and Play Help Children and Youth Self-Regulate
Enhancing and practicing executive function skills with children from infancy to adolescence (all about play)
**Developmental Delay an Information Guide for Parents
**Integrating the Upstairs and Downstairs brain – teaching how to make good decisions
**Integrating the Upstairs and Downstairs Brain – What You Can Do
Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure
**Autonomic Nervous System

**Healthy Sleep Tips for Children and Youth
**Healthy Sleep Tips for Adults


Trauma Information
*Child Development & Trauma Guide
**NCTSN – A Guide for Child Welfare Staff
**NCTSN – A Guide for Resource Parents
**NCTSN – A Guide for Parents
**Complex Trauma- Facts for Caregivers
Flashback Protocol
**How Does Psychological Trauma Affect the Body and the Brain
**Parents Can Help
**Parenting after trauma
**Family Trauma Fact Sheet for Providers
**Brief Information on Childhood Grief and Traumatic Grief
**The Courage to Remember Childhood Traumatic Grief Curriculum Guide
**What to do when more bad things happen- Psychological First Aid
**When and how to seek therapy

Trauma Informed Schools
*Creating Supporting Sustaining Trauma informed Schools a Systems Framework
Why Schools Need To Be Trauma Informed
Creating an Emotionally Safe Classroom
Trauma informed Flexible Learning
Helping Traumatized Children Learn
Helping Traumatized Children Learn 2
Making Space for Learning
Bibliography of Resources for Schools to be Trauma-Informed

Trauma and Development for Schools
Preschool – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
Elementary School – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
High School – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
Middle School – Psychological and Behavioral Impact of Trauma
Child Development & Trauma Guide
The Meaning of Safe
Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators
Psychological First Aid for Students and Teachers

Self Regulation for Schools
Schools as Self- Reg Havens
Self- Reg in Schools and Communities
Calmer Classrooms
**Window of Tolerance
Working with the Window of Tolerance in the Classroom
**Sensory & Movement Activities In the Classroom

For Educators
Self Care for Educators
10 Things About Childhood Trauma Every Teacher Needs To Know
Understanding Stress Behaviour
Websites for Educators